Saturday, November 4, 2017

girls' nights

Last night, we were running in all directions again. Brad is in Portland for work, Anders was at his girlfriend's 18th birthday party, Osten was at home entertaining babysitter Kate, Katie was at her friend, Quinn's house getting ready for and then attending her first middle school dance--then had a sleepover and I had a long planned girls night out with dear friends attending the movie Bad Mom's Christmas at Oakdale Theaters. I haven't seen Katie yet this morning, but Molly (host of the party) sent lots of fun photos of the girls and snippets of the fun they had. 

I personally laughed and enjoyed time with my lady friends...we also got to go out to Pedro del este in Hudson with the restaurant manager after the show...Gretchen's sister Susie hosted us. It was a delightful evening and I hope to do again soon.
Rachel, Jayla, Katie, Maiya, Lillia, Quinn, Alli, Shirin and Savannah

Gretchen, Jen, Sharyl, Michelle, Kim, me and Angie

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