Monday, November 13, 2017

3rd public performance

On Sunday, I got to see the River Falls High School performance of Beauty and the Beast. So well done. Great crowd and got to see the show (thanks Kim) with my Mom, aunt Loie, Kim, Pat--Julie and Libby--Brad, Katie and Osten--Bud and Betty--Emma

Thanks to Emma for getting Anders' makeup on, helping him get to the play on time and meeting grandparents.

Thanks to Momma, Loie, Pat and Kim for coming to church, lunch at Kinni Cafe, the play, dinner at Perkins and then driving back and forth hundreds of miles.

Thanks Julie and Libby for driving, taking great photos and being your lovely selves.

Thanks to Bud and Betty for driving and for a yummy treat at Perkins after the show.

The play was really great and I'm so happy for our son to be part of such a great and memorable show.

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