Monday, November 27, 2017

feeling thankful

So much to be thankful for! I got an opportunity to spend time with Bud and Betty, Ibby and Mike, Brad, Anders, Katie and Osten on Thanksgiving day and again on Friday. We went home Friday night and slept in our own beds--so comfy!

Saturday we packed up and drove to St. James to spend time with Brad, Anders, Katie, Osten, Mom, Kent, Abby, Kurt, Jenna, Cody, Stella, Vance, Kaitie, Kyle, Kim, Kyle, Adam, Keyanna, Liana, Ryan, Cory, Joan, Thomas, Evan, Trenton and aunt Jeannie Blomgren. We started our fellowship at noon and made a day of it by going out for a great stroll around St. James and the boys playing a fun game of football. It's so fun to see Osten and Stella play together.

We then went to the Super 8, went swimming and crashed for the night. Sunday morning was a nice morning of visiting over breakfast and then a wonderful meal at the Hometown.

Last night we got home and then the laundry began ;).  I have so many things and people in which to give thanks. I am blessed.

I don't have a big Blomgren photo, but here are all the Olsons from this past September. 

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