Monday, November 27, 2017

black Friday

Ibby and I made our annual trek to the northern suburbs to go black Friday shopping. She picked me up at the hunting shack at about 3:45am. We arrived at the McDonalds in Lino Lakes at about 4:58am. The lights were off, but we opened the store at 5am. Grabbed our McMuffins and coffee and proceeded to Target. Discovered that Target opened at 6am, so we went to Kohl's.

I bought my birthday present and some clothes for the kids.

We wandered to Target at about 7am and proceeded to get a little lost by spending many hours and I knocked out nearly all my shopping.

2nd breakfast at a Einsteins bagel--we tried some yummy bagels and refueled on coffee. We then went to a Mainstream Boutique and bought a few essentials.

On to Walmart in Forest Lake where we found Target had better black Friday deals this year.

Then off to lunch in North Branch at Denny's--wow, their bourbon chicken skillet and bourbon burger were really yummy!

North Branch outlet to Bath and Body Works and then to the 2nd hand store at North Branch.

We were very disappointed to learn that our favorite thrift store, Planet Thrift has shuttered its sad.

Thanks Ibby for a great day and I'm so happy that you are my black Friday partner in crime.

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