Monday, August 17, 2015

silver reunion

The class of 1990 from Butterfield-Odin had their 25th class reunion this weekend. We started at 4pm near Kassota, MN at a lovely spot called Chanchaska winery. Cory, Heather, Steven, Kari, Troy, Brad and myself met there.

Then we went to the Loose Moose in Mankato and met Tami, Steve's wife Wendy, Gay, her husband, Charles, Heidi, Lisa, Meridee, John and Matt. Matt was the representative from the class of 1991 and Gay was the rep from 89. We dined, sang karaoke (Charles, Heidi and Troy were especially talented) and enjoyed one another's company. We arrived home to Mom and Dad's house at about 2am, which indicates a nice time out for Brad and I. The kids were home and sleeping when we got back "home".

Thanks Mom and Dad and to the class of 90 for a great evening!

myself, Gay, Kari and Tami

Heidi and Charles rocking the karaoke!

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