Tuesday, August 11, 2015

fun photos from a wonderful weekend

Old boat show, shopping in Sturgeon Bay, getting skunked on day 1 and catching 3 on day 2 of fishing, K driving the boat on day 2, the dance where A had three young ladies ask him to dance, O boogying down like a mad man, laughing, bonfires, swimming, playing Scrabble, cooking, eating...it was a wonderful weekend.
Swanson girls poolside
Olson girls poolside

Brad and I

Julia and O walking across the bridge

ahoy captain!

Julia is aghast at Brad's egg eating lesson

the mighty fisher folk

chillin poolside

Knier, Olson, Knier 

group jump with Jillian leading the way!

goofy gals

thinking of getting matching dresses during the boat festival

day 2 catch

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