Sunday, August 23, 2015

home again

Day 5 dawned bright and beautiful, which was welcomed as we needed to pack the tent and preferred to pack when it was dry. We said goodbye to Mouse Island as A and I paddled the canoe back to the landing. It was a really long adventure with the first part being an easy paddle and the second part being very windy. A kept in great spirits and I was getting a little frustrated. It was such a relief to see the shore and the landing!

We loaded up and were on the road at about noon and ate lunch at Sven and Ole's Pizza in Grand Marais. I had never been downtown and it was quite lovely. We had thought of stopping for ice cream, but we were pretty stuffed so said we would stop in Two Harbors. On our way to Two Harbors, one of our tires blew on the boat trailer. Thankfully, we had a spare and were stopped next to a really nice place that had an air compressor and a really kind gentleman. We were able to fill the spare (it was low) and the two youngest had a lively conversation with him. We were back on our way, destination Super Walmart in Superior to get a new spare and replace the other tire that looked like it's life was also limited.

We made it to Superior, bought some Klondike bars at Walmart and rolled on to Grantsburg to eat dinner with Bud and Betty, drop off Henry and pick up O. We did get a little rain while in Grantsburg and beat the rain home in River Falls. We all climbed into bed thankful for clean, dry, mouse-free living :).

Great adventure, but home is sure sweet!

waiting to load the boat

happy to be heading home

after eating at Sven and Ole's...Lake Superior in the background

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