Sunday, August 23, 2015

day 2 and Hen dog's 7th birthday

Day 2 was when we discovered a tiny bit of mouse droppings in one of our bags--the bag that held towels. Thankfully, we had battoned down our food well enough that no food was lost.

Breakfast of eggs and sausage and then we did a little exploring of the mainland that was right across the water from us. It started raining mid-afternoon while we were out fishing.  We enjoyed a dinner of pork roast in the dutch oven with veggies. We weren't able to make a fire for Henry's birthday, but we snuggled in and read some stories/played cards/whittled sticks.

Here are photos from day 2 and Henry's birthday!
fishing near the western shore of Saganaga

whittler of knives, swords and walking sticks

Henry wielding his birthday "knife"

Happy birthday Handsome!

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