Sunday, August 23, 2015

day 3 of our adventure

four of us traveled to "Rock Point" to hike and discover the outcropping. We invented the names of most of the places we visited

Henry with his knife

discovering a small cave and the alternate entrance

canoeing to a small island we named wind island

Wind Island from the water

discovering "Rose Pine island"

the double rainbow...lovely

getting some fishing in late on day 3
Day 3 we discovered our mice liked the toilet paper and also eating apples and bananas. We ate bacon and eggs for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and dined on pancakes and fish for dinner. While eating dinner, a lovely double rainbow formed. For days 2 and 3 it rained a fair amount and it was really grand to see a rainbow.

Hiking and fishing were the main activities during the day and more card playing and book reading occurred in the night. The youngest 2 campers and the eldest took a dip to clean was very invigorating!

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