Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Father in law, Bud's words of wisdom...

Woman, 105, says bacon is the secret to a long, happy life

15 hrs ago
Pearl Cantrell, a 105-year-old resident of Richland Springs, Texas, filled local TV station KRBC in on the secret to a long, happy life: bacon. "I love bacon. I could eat it for every meal, and I do!" she said, and encouraged others to do the same. Somehow, Oscar Mayer got a whiff of Cantrell's evangelical fervor for fried pork and sent over some chipper young employees to give Cantrell a ride — "shotbun," the local station said — in its Wienermobile. The generous employees also gave Cantrell a large supply of bacon. "I will never, ever forget this, for the rest of my life," Cantrell later said, tucking into a plate of bacon. We truly believe her.

K & O concur...
last summer after the plea for BACOM!

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