Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or Treat at Hovensa

On Saturday, we were invited to trick or treat at one of the Hovensa neighborhoods here on Island, Estate Cottage.  We had heard rumors from the day we moved here to get "on the list".  One of my wonderful kids in class invited our family to his home to a party.  What a party it was!  The house was great--they had done a lot of halloween decorating and were grilling brains, and feet outside on a "grill".  The streets were FILLED with people.  Security had shut down the roads and there were easily 500 people on the street at any given time.  I remember seeing the movie ET as a child and thought trick or treating like Elliott and ET did in the twilight/no jackets/not a huge costume wouldn't be possible,  but now I have seen it a reality.

Anders was a Roman soldier and Kathryn a princess.  Anders donned a sheet, shorts and head dress and Kathryn a lovely princess dress from her friend Ian.  Photos will be uploaded when I get a chance, but it was a great evening had by all.

By the way, Hovensa is an oil refinery here on island that employs approximately 1,800 people.  Many of the employees receive as a part of their salary homes in different "estates' on island.  With their homes they receive free electricity, water and rent--they actually have air conditioning in their home!


Eating some Napolean's Pizza pre-trick or treat

In a Red Corvette with Solei Cedano

Anders playing with a little guest

Roman Solidier Anders with high tech glowing glasses

Osten trying to figure out Dad's vampire teeth

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