Monday, November 14, 2011

a plethora of love

My mailbox was brimming has been brimming with love in the past week.  Kicked off with Anders receiving a letter and photo from his friend Alex back in Wisconsin--very sweet.  Next we received a letter and school photos of the handsome trio of Thomas, Evan and Trenton Blomgren.  We then received another letter from Anders' friend Austin.  Next was a letter to our family from the Odegards complete with a card and a preserved maple leaf from Wisconsin.  We have been studying symmetry in nature in our Kindergarten class, so it was a perfect tie.  Lastly we have been receiving Butterfield papers that always brighten our days. 

It's wonderful to receive love from our loved ones.  We need to get busy and send some love back in return.

Enjoy your day!

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