Saturday, November 26, 2011

BUCK Island

Today our family went on a glass bottom boat to Buck Island.  The boat had a captain and a first mate that could have been twins with our friend, Garth back in River Falls.  Both Brad and Kathryn made that comment independent from one another.  Anyway, there were several tourists from Denmark, a newlywed couple from Boston and another island family on the charter.  We snorkled for a while and then went to the beach. 

When Anders and I were out, we saw a Lemon Shark.  Anders kept motioning for me to look over and I didn't see anything.  Then our guide, Adam (Garth's twin) pointed out the shark and there it was...kind of crazy.  There were tons of great coral and sealife on the reef.  What an experience!  We saw a Hobie cat on the beach so are toying with buying one so we can make the trip again.  It was incredible. 

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Dintemanns said...

This is breathtaking! So awesome!

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