Wednesday, November 30, 2011

40 oz

the big 40 is here and so far so good.  Starting off the morning with a "Happy Birthday" from my wonderful husband followed by being greeted this morning by Kathryn with her bleery eyed mussed hair sunshine smile--"Happy Birthday Momma".   Osten chortling and Anders smiling all the way to school.  Upon arriving at Good Hope, I was welcomed by 12 amazing Kinders and superstar Miss Haley with lovely cards and songs.  Yummy lunch courtesy of the Ramsdell family.  It was a super day.  I have also received an outpouring of lovely birthday greetings from the midwest--funny and sweet.  Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and know that we are missing you all. 

a favorite photo of my lovely niece Liana and I at Mom and Dad's anniversary celebration

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