Saturday, July 20, 2019

day 4 Eureka

We started off the day going down to the pier for Brad to do some crabbing and the kids and I to play some football. Brad got some crabs, but threw them back because he was told they were not good to eat from the bay. We did see a man bring in a sting ray from the Pier.

Then we went to a second hand store to get a new hat for Brad who gave his first hat to Anders. We then went to lunch at a neat burger place that originally opened on June 30,1951. I had a delicious hotdog with chili and sauerkraut and shared a vanilla shake with Osten.

Then we drove up to Patrick's Point for the day, did some hiking and played at the beach for several hours. It was so fun to watch the kids playing in the surf and searching for agates on Agate Beach.

Then we drove to Trinidad and ate dinner at a sweet little shop where we dined on the porch. They had blankets for us to cuddle into that were very much appreciated as the temperatures were dipping (57 degrees Fahrenheit) and the wind was brisk. Our table number was especially interesting to me ;)

We tried to go down to the Trinidad pier to get a little crabbing, but the wind/temperature sent us back here to our apartment. Hanging out, will do a little reading and then hit the hay soon. 

We are planning a drive up north to the Jedediah Smith Redwoods--Smith is a relative of Brad and the kids so it might be kind of fun to see a place where a relative lived hundreds of years ago. 

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