Tuesday, July 23, 2019


We had a day all within Eureka city limits today.

Katie and I woke early so we could do some SHOPPING! We went to Target where I got a new teacher planner for the year, a new sweater, some snacks for the roads of other days, a new pair of teaching pants and some lotion. Katie got a couple of new shirts and pair of shorts.

Then we went to the Bayshore Mall. We first stopped at Ross and Katie got another sweatshirt and a curling wand. I got a phone charger. Then it was on to Hot Topic where Katie got a Stranger Things t-shirt. Then to Bath and Body Works for some hand sanitizer and body spray. Onto Victoria's Secret and lastly to Kohls for new shoes for Katie and a new shirt for me.

Back to the apartment where Brad, Osten and I went downtown to play some baseball in the park.

Then onto a bookstore where I bought a book about trees and Osten bought a comic book about Star Wars Clone Wars. We found a book with his name on it...

We walked around a while and took a fun photo.

Back to the apartment--left for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Katie and I then went for a 3 mile jog and went to the local shake place called Fresh Freeze--yummy banana shake.

Now we are watching Saving Private Ryan and will soon get our teeth brushed and head to bed.

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