Wednesday, June 26, 2019

day 2

After getting to sleep in, we walked down to the beach with our cart, a cooler, towels, beach blankets, chairs and sunscreen. Our friends, Sharyl and Gretchen went in search of beach umbrellas at the stores.

Sarah, Michelle and I walked for about an hour on the beach and accomplished our daily walk . Then we played in the strong surf for a while and lounged on the beach. I unfortunately didn't reapply sunscreen so got a LOT of color on my legs, mainly upper parts that don't usually see the sun because they are covered by shorts.

Gretchen and Sharyl joined us and then we had some respite from the rays under the umbrellas. Thank you so much ladies!

Somewhere around 2pm, Julie decided she needed a nap and I decided to seek shelter from the sun so we went back to our little bungalow--Julie rested and I just sat and cooled down/read a book. Then we jumped on a couple of bikes from our condo and rode around town to get our bearings/have a nice iced coffee. We ended up at the Sand Bar restaurant and I bought a pair of really cute striped wide leg pants.

Our crew returned to the condo and they showered and got ready for dinner. We tried to go to the Rod and Reel just down the street, but the wait was about an hour and a half. We loaded up the golf cart and drove to the Sand Bar again. We got our names on a list, I bought another little romper for myself, we had some drinks and played on the beach/took photos.

We had a nice dinner (not as great of food as last time) and then went back to the condo to laugh/visit and prepare for bed.

It was a pretty awesome day if you ask me.

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