Friday, March 8, 2019

sleepover times two

Brad and I were out on a date at The Swinging Bridge because Osten was playing at a friends house, Katie was attending the 13th birthday of a dear friend and Anders was at a movie with friends. First got a text from Katie seeing if she could spend the night at another friends home and we agreed to that. Next got a text from Osten's friends Mom asking if Osten could do a sleepover with buddy (first one for both of them) so I called and talked to him and he was so excited for the possibility so we agreed.

photos from Marci--I just love Osten's cheesy grin on the dinner photo and Coulter's on the popcorn picture. They are good buddies!

I think Brad and I are getting a little taste of what it may feel like for the next few years of busy kids.

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