Sunday, March 17, 2019

new phone for Momma

Yesterday, I got my new phone. My former phone had been acting up and sometimes losing ability to take photos, sometimes losing ability to play sound so I decided it was a good time to upgrade. So we kept the old phone and just purchased a refurbished phone from Cell Phone Repair.

So far my phone has been working well and now Osten will have my former phone to play games and watch videos when we're at home. I know he's going to be pretty excited.

Here are my first two photos: 
Katie hanging out in her room 

Brad and I starting painting the upstairs bedroom at our office on 2nd Street

He's currently spending the night at friend Mr. Wil's house. Wil had his 9th birthday party yesterday and when I went to pick up Osten, they asked if Osten could spend the night. I figured, we're right across the ally so if anything comes up in the middle of the night, we will be covered. They should be coming over soon to deliver so we can head to 10:45am church service.

Last night, I got a chance to play Bunco with a group of friends outside of town. I snapped a couple photos of friend, Tim who had rolled a Bunco so was wearing the obligatory head wear.

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