Saturday, February 10, 2018

teacher's lounge

Last night, the school district hosted a teacher's lounge at a local establishment. I went with my friend Michelle and then our friend Maggie and her husband Hal joined us there. We heard some really good music and then Brad and the two younger kids picked me up to head to China Moon for dinner.

While at the teacher's lounge, I ran into a group of Greenwood teachers. Ms. Rasmussen had been Anders' 1st grade teacher, Ms. Van had been Anders' 2nd and 5th and Katie's 5th grade teacher and Ms. Brittian was Katie's 4th grade teacher. They told me to greet my kiddos and couldn't even imagine Anders being a Sophomore.

Ms. Rasmussen really wanted to make sure Anders still had his bounce and his sweet and kind heart. I still see that bounce and the sweet/kind heart does show itself on many occasions.

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