Sunday, February 25, 2018

home time

Thank you so much to my brother Kurt for hosting us for the weekend. I got to sleep two nights in my last bedroom on the home farm. We got to his place around 10:30pm on Friday night, did a little visiting and then woke up on Saturday morning to a winter wonderland;

I was able to spend some time writing my class newsletter and then we went to St. James to pick up Mom. She ended up spending the day with us as the snow just pelted won from the sky. Kyle, Kim and Ryan then joined us as we continued to hang out during the snow storm. 

Kyle Jr. and Adam arrived and we got a chance to go outside and push their vehicle back onto Kurt's driveway (so white it was hard to see the driveway). Kurt was out with his Bobcat and pushing heap big snow. We celebrated Ryan's 17th birthday and played a lot of Guitar Hero.

Bedtime again as we watched the final night of figure skating in the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

Thank you so much Kurt for your hospitality, to Mom for taking a leap of faith and spending a night away from your home and to Kyle, Kim and Ryan for hosting Anders at a sleepover. We are blessed. 

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