Wednesday, February 7, 2018

good day sunshine

This morning, I slept in just a tiny bit and cut my workout time in half. As I was leaving Anytime at 6:15am, I could see the sun peeking out just a tiny bit. As I was walking to school later, the air was very crisp and my breath managed to turn my blue stocking cap white--but the sun was just magical.

At lunchtime, Abby, Anna, Sara and I went for a wellness walk and the sun was just so bright and strong! After school and tutoring, I left the school at about 5:30 and the sun was still streaking the sky.

Longer daylight hours and strong sunshine just makes life so affirming!

Just got a message from Anders that he is heading to his girlfriend's house for dinner after swim practice, so I'm thinking he must be feeling much better? I told him to be home by 8 so we will check in with him them.

Katie and Brad are at confirmation and Osten is currently playing some Madden 17 on our XBox. I'm going to try and sneak in a tub and prepare for another beautiful day tomorrow.

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