Wednesday, December 28, 2016

science museum day

We have to try and crunch as much as we can into the little time off we have from school this year. Makes you really appreciate the precious time you have.

Today we continued to find new homes for our Christmas gifts, Brad is working on setting up our new TV (Craigslist) with our XBox One. The two youngers and I met Julie and her girls at the SMM to see the exhibits and the IMAX movie Beautiful Planet. It was wonderful having a membership as I walked right into the exhibit hall instead of waiting 30 minutes in line...totally worth it. The movie was really fun and made me want to read more about the International Space Station.

Fun day.
santa gifts on the 27th

what an XBox?
I'm so excited!

Lab techs at the SMM

putting on newborn glasses

vision at 3 months

vision at one month

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