Sunday, December 11, 2016

i'm here

When I make that little comment, it's referring to my lovely maid of honor, Julie Thibodeau nee Anderson. When she was finishing up her teaching degree at MSU, she was in a music class and being the brazen singer she is, when she would have to sing her response to her professor, she would utter a tiny voiced "I'm here".

The reason I'm saying that today is that I'm here...a little tired, a little weary from a few weeks of crazy with my lovely Mother in Law being here to take care of me and the kids during Thursday after school, getting kids to school on Friday and picking them up on Friday evening and making meals, cleaning up dishes and just loving our kiddos and missing my wonderful husband Bradley as he's off to fill our freezer with venison for the upcoming long winter.

I am happy to report that he has announced hunting season over and we are sliding into the most wonderful time of the year with CHRISTMAS!

Happy happy to you and yours and I will write a lot more posts tonight to try and catch up!

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