Friday, December 30, 2016

a few photos from the old days up to Kent and Kurt era

My parents took great photos of their children growing up on the media of slides. I had them scanned earlier in 2016 as they were downsizing from their home in ML to a one bedroom apartment in St. James. Here are just a few of my very favorites from wedding through some of Kent and Kurt pictures:
my grandparents on my parents wedding day: July 8, 1961 Annie, Nels, Margaret and Clarence
4 generations--Kent with Jr., Grandma Emma, Kurt and Clarence Sr. 

Kent, Vivian and Kurt...maybe summer 1963 

Blomgren Christmas front: Bob and Jr.
middle: Grandma B, Chuck, Grandpa B, Jeannie
back: Audrey, Diane, Kurt, Vivian, Kent

winter on their first farm

my parents on their wedding day
front: Sonny, Grandpa Nels, Grandma Annie, Butch
back: Vivian, Loie, Bev, and Ruby

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