Friday, March 9, 2012

tide pools

Today Kurt, Vance, Stuart, Ross and Karen hiked to the tide pools.  It was pretty spectacular.  The tide was high and the pool kept getting strong waves splashing over the sides.  We then ate lunch at Eat at Cane Bay and enjoyed a lovely lunch of burgers, salad, fried PBJ and a Reuben.  Dessert of brownie sundaes was also consumed....YUM! 
Kurt, Ross, Vance and Stuart at the tide pools

We then went to Columbus' Landing and back to our place.

the strong surf of the northern shore

Ross, Vance and Stuart taking in the history

Kathryn spent the day with her friend Isa at her home.

We are now watching Lord of the Rings Two Towers and Vance and Stuart will go out on the town with Haley.  Should be a fun evening for them.

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