Saturday, March 31, 2012

wild surf

Today was a great day.  It was the last day of open season at Sandy Point before they close it for turtle watching.  We are planning on going on turtle watch with friends, but today was the last day for us to romp in the waters. 

On our way to Sandy Point we decided to eat at Ace Roti shop and take a drive to the Gordon Finch Molassas Pier.  We got to see part of the island we have never seen before--the inner workings of Hovensa--here are some photos that we found interesting:

cool egg-like tanks with winding staircase

a boat at the launch

enormous bags of sand?????

The surf was magical--we body surfed and did a little boogie boarding action and now I feel like it's time to go to bed even as it is 7pm.  We wanted to watch the surfers at Spratt Hall today as Haley told me there is a tropical depression on it's way and the surf is really strong so lots of strong surfers would be out and showing off their skills.  We didn't catch a glimpse of them, but did enjoy playing in the surf ourselves.

Anders, Kathryn, Mikayla, Brittney and Rachel enjoying the surf

Osten digging the sand

Osten met a new little friend named Mason--the son of the owners of N2the blue dive shop.  They chased each other around and kept falling onto the beach.  It was really cute.

Just finished eating some homemade icecream and will watch The Longest Day with the little family. 

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