Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 1 & 2 in St John

On Sunday we boarded a seaplane bound for St. Thomas. Osten was leery of the ride, but settled down once he got into Daddy's arms.

the seaplane at Christiansted harbor

sideways glance, not so sure about flight

first glimpse of St. Thomas/St. John out window--I like the propeller effect

We landed just 20 minutes after take off and then took a taxi ride to Red Hook. It was fun to see the downtown area and a little of the famous VI. At the ferry station, we relaxed and enjoyed people watching while the skies opened and poured lots of rain.

St. John harbor
We then enjoyed a ferry to St. John where we found dolphins frolicking in the harbor and a tasty meal at a restaurant right on the water.  Taxi ride to Cinnamon Bay, found our tents and lights out.

Day 2 dawned and the family spent the day hiking, snorkeling and hanging around camp. A dinner of spaghetti and an evening of star gazing was on the agenda. Cinnamon Bay campground is included in the VI National Park so a park ranger gave a great presentation and we got to see Jupiter and 4 of her moons through a telescope. We also got to see 2 shooting stars cross paths. Another spectacular day. More to follow.
a view of the inside of our tent

Brad setting up camp kitchen and Anders playing cards

Anders and Kathryn exploring some sugar plantation ruins

Ahhh Cinnamon Bay beach

Osten enjoyed hiking and early morning visits to our small tent neighbor--I don't know how much the neighbor enjoyed though

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