Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 4 & 5 in St. John

Day 4

During the night, Anders became sick--I think day 3 had been a little too much fun.  So day 4 & 5 were more low key, but still very enjoyable.  Anders, Kathryn and I walked up to the commisary and bought some cran/grape juice and sprite as this is Grandma Betty's concoction to cure any ail. It did the trick!

Next, our family walked down to the beach and played tag in the sand and updated weekly pictures.  Bruce and Julie joined us and we rented a sailboat where Bruce took out one group and Julie and I stayed on shore with Osten.  Julie lulled Osten to sleep after a snack of cheerios and sand. 


After sailing, we made sandcastles and swam.  Julie, Anders and I went to town to do some shopping.  Anders started feeling sick again, so we got him some chewable asprin and he warmed up in the sun. 

Back to the campground where we ate dinner at the restaurant and turned in early.  There was a fun band there and Osten started to dance along with the upbeat music.

Day 5

During the night, Osten had scooted down to the bottom of our shared cot.  I went down to retrieve him and misjudged the placement of the cot.  I landed on the floor and on the bucket we had designated as the "sickness recepticle".  Needless to say, I was in a lot of pain and agony.  Brad took Osten into bed with him--thank you soooo much. 

Upon waking, I knew I wasn't going to be any help in getting packed and ready to go back to St. Croix because I was in a lot of pain.  Bruce, Julie, Brad, Anders and Kathryn totally picked it up a notch and I traveled in comfort.  Bruce and Julie got me ice, painreliever and helped Brad get everything together.  The taxi driver let me sit in the front back to the harbor.  Anders and Kathryn did everything I asked and then some.  It was incredible.

Our ferry ride to Charlotte Amelie was rainy and full of sea spray, but lots of fun.  Osten had the time of his life and was looking forward to being soaked.  I sat next to an interesting man who was on vacation from Ottawa, Canada where he works at the US Embassy.  A nice walk to the seaplane where Bruce and Julie managed to get us an earlier flight to St. Croix. 

We landed at home in St. Croix!  I deplaned and felt quite good, but felt even better when we arrived at home, took a hot bath, got some icy hot on my back and snuggled with my wonderful little family.   Today my back is feeling even better.  Brad, Anders and Kathryn are helping with everything and I getting a great chance to rest.  I am blessed. 

Magical Spring Break.

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