Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Swansons are here!

Bruce, Julie and Isaiah came over to our home for dinner on Thursday evening.  Kathryn and Isaiah were so happy to see one another and everyone was blown away with Osten growing so much. 

On Friday, Isaiah spent the day in our classroom during Read Across Good Hope.  He was so well mannered and several people commented on what a dapper and dashing young man he is. 

Last night, Chris and Ellie hosted a party at their home inviting friends of Bruce and Julie to spend time together.  We were entertained by Osten/dog/toddling and Kathryn and Isaiah plays.  It was an overall very enjoyable evening.  Sarah met Osten and we met her friend who was very captivated by Osten.

Today we are getting ready for our trip to Saint John, going to Sandy Point and starting our SPRING BREAK!

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