Tuesday, January 31, 2012

realities of teaching kindergarten

Today brought teaching into perspective...it can be a CRAZY day.

First--Shenell announced "there's a dead rat in the bathroom" upon inspection, there was a newly dead mouse--very healthy looking, but dead none the less.  Who was bleeding on our bathroom floor.  I quickly swept up the mouse and threw him/her in the bush.  I emailed the secretary to send someone down to deal with the blood.

Next--a student was having a rough morning and was "taking a break"  I had a little visit with her and she burst into tears saying she was "very sad".  I held her for several minutes as she wanted to be held and rocked.  I haven't written about this in our blog, but St. Croix is dealing with some very heavy issues with the closing of our oil refinery.  THE LARGEST EMPLOYER in the territory.  This student has a parent working at the refinery and I don't know if it is directly related, but would not be surprised as this student is extremely intuitive.

Next--playground duty, going beautifully, on duty with amazing woman, Ditty Layton.  report "M>>>> has blood on his face"  turn to look at M>>>> and he is covered in blood.  He had been playing on a piece of equipment and cut his head open.  I ran with him to the nurses office (was covered in blood myself) and helped for a short time.  As far as I know, he is doing very well and went to his doctor to get stitches.  A wonderful woman in Development was able to lend me a clean shirt and I will be washing my bloody shirt shortly.

Lastly--our kids made the most incredible bulletin board EVER!  I can't wait to post pictures. 

I love teaching and can't believe how many adventures can be lived in just one day. 

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