Sunday, January 8, 2012

it's a small world after all

Today was a day of small world realizations.  We went to church this morning and were overwhelmed by friends asking where we had been for so long.  They all missed Osten wandering around during the service.  Ms. Hector also gave the kids wonderful Christmas gifts--Anders a belt and a watch, Kathryn a sundress and Osten 2 new Sunday shirts.  She is so thoughtful.  During the sharing of the peace, a man remarked that he remembered seeing us on the airplane on Friday--he is a visitor from Denmark and we realized this when the rest of his group also greeted us in broken English.  Tourist season is upon us for sure.

We then went to Good Hope so we could change into beach attire, I could prep my classroom for tomorrow and we could eat lunch.  My sweet Charlie stopped by to say great to see her!  We then went to Cane Bay where the tourists were out in force and a cool reggae band was playing--I think I'm going to like the tourist season.  Anyway, another man that we met on our flight named Russ from Renville, MN saw us and came over for a visit.  He bought a condo in Christiansted and will be spending his winters on island.  We also saw two teachers from Good Hope there...the Cannings.  It just seemed like such a small world today.


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