Monday, January 16, 2012

hike to the tide pools

This morning our family embarked on a fun adventure to the north shore of St. Croix to the tide pools.  We drove and parked and started down the trail.  We found out after hiking about 30 minutes that we were going the wrong direction.  We started back down the hill and met up with a man who also missed his turn.  So we guided him to the correct turn and parted ways.  Kathryn, Anders, Brad and myself were hoofing it while Osten was riding in style on Brad's back. 

The hike itself was about 45 minutes one way.  We got to the rocky beach and Anders and I went first.  We had to take our shoes off because it was right on the shore that we were climbing rocks and would have gotten our sneakers wet.  Next time, we will bring hiking sandals.  Anyway, we got to the pools and it was pretty amazing.  I didn't bring my camera as I thought it would get wet.  The water was very warm in the tide pool.  We saw Nancy from Good Hope was fun to see a friendly and familiar face.  There were lots of people there which is atypical according to a man I met who was visiting from DC. 

Anders and I hiked back and Brad then went to see the pool and do a little swimming.  He had his turn and we headed back.  The hike back seemed a lot shorter, probably because we knew where we were going.  Brad worked his tail off lugging Osten around, so he was pretty beat.  We ended up going to Rowdy Joe's for icecream and stayed for dinner.  YUM.  Very nice setting. 

Excellent day and nice end to a long weekend. 

on our way to Carambola, we spied this group of people riding horses in the ocean...really cool

Osten and Brad starting their journey

A lovely butterfly very close to the ocean

Osten trying his hand at hiking while waiting for Dad to return from his turn at the tide pools

The hikers consulting

A view of the Atlantic from the trail

Our place for nourishment after the big hike--best icecream ever.

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