Sunday, January 15, 2012

reef at Cane Bay

Today our family again hit Cane Bay for afternoon of sun and surf.  On our way from Good Hope to Cane Bay, we took some roads that we have never traveled and saw some really cool vegetation and drove near the rainforest area.  We also drove past the petting zoo and domino club (where the famous beer drinking pigs entertain tourists).

Osten, Brad and Anders in the water

photo from first time at Cane Bay when Kathryn was able to swim

Anders enjoying the surf

peacock at Spratt Hall

flowers from a woman at Spratt Hall

When we arrived at Cane Bay, Anders tried his new boogie board, Brad and Karen took turns snorkling, Osten took a swim with Dad and Kathryn just played in the sand as she had a tough time listening during church today and needed a consequence for her actions. 

The reef was incredibly cool.  We saw some rather large tropical fish, tube sponges, coral, sea fans and a couple of different schools of fish.  We would love to dive the wall in the future, but we need to get certified before we can do that. 

We saw the Hutchins family and Kathryn was able to run around with Kai.  It was a fun day.

Tomorrow we plan on hitting the tide pools by Carambola resort.

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