Saturday, January 14, 2012


the farenheit degree difference between Christiansted, VI and River Falls, WI at this time.  79 in Christiansted 9 in River Falls. 

Today's sunrise/sunset
Christiansted:  6:55am/6:03pm solar noon at 12:29pm
River Falls:  7:47am/4:54 pm solar noon at 12:20pm

Daylight hours on June 21 in both locations
Christiansted:  13hour 13 min 58 seconds
River Falls:  15 hours 37 minutes 5 seconds

Daylight hours on Dec 21 in both locations
Christiansted: 11 hours 1 minute 47 seconds
River Falls:  8 hours 45minutes and 58 seconds

distance between two locations 2453 miles or 2131 nautical miles

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