Saturday, September 17, 2011

rainbow beach

fantastic beach experience today.  Bruce took us to Rainbow beach which is the best beach we've been at to date on the island.  Several of kids in our class have talked about Rainbow beach and now I know why.  It was also just a perfect day to be out.  The water was warm, it rained on us a little and Brad saw a sea turtle and two stingrays while snorkling.  I saw some BIG fish, but nothing too crazy on my snorkling expedition. 

I love Rainbow beach.

It was funny because we caught numerous glimpses of Haley today...driving around in her little red jeep.  That still is in my dreams to own a little red jeep...could still happen!

Katie getting ready to take a plunge

The boys enjoying the warm swim


Kathryn after enjoying some Armstrong's chocolate icecream and healing her sore ear

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