Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picacho Peak is the goal today

Good morning!  Today we our goal is to visit Picacho Peak--I have been thinking of climbing for the past two years.  Katie would like to climb with me and I am thinking that will be quite an adventure.  I have been wanting to start jogging too, but we are having way too much fun in the morning to get going.

Yesterday, Osten and I went out for a stroll around the park and we also helped Katie, Grandpa and Grandma deliver valentines around the park.  Both Katie and Anders created a lot of smiles in our treks around the park.

After a yummy lunch, we drove to the Casa Grande ruins--a National Park here near Mom and Dad's.  It was incredible to see what people could do with such limited resources.  We also saw some quails and ground squirrels.

We stopped to pick up fresh produce--oranges, grapefruit and pecans--yum!  Then we went for a swim and enjoyed an outdoor dinner of lasagne followed by bluegrass jam session and a rousing game of dominos.

More tomorrow...

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