Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Anders

My new goal is to post a commentary weekly in 2011.  If it's more great; less, ok. 

Received a really nice message about Anders this morning from a fellow Mother of 3 here in River Falls.  I have to admit, it left me speechless (says a lot if you know me), with a lump in throat and misty in eye.

Thank you so much Dawn for renewing our belief that our son is a special spirit.

Hello Karen,

This is Dawn and I just wanted to ask you what Anders favorite treat is..Austin did a Valentine's for Anders and asked me if we could get him something special. Of course I said...Before you tell me it's not necessary, it is...haha..It really is.

You know that it's scary when your kids start school. I worried about everything..Anders has really made it enjoyable for Austin. He is a part of Austin's success though this Kindergarten year. We all know that he is a very sweet boy but he really made my son happy this year. Austin thinks and talks about him all the time. Anders always considers Austin and not just on buddy day. I have seen some buddies walk right by the kindergarten and not say anything but not Anders. EVERY TIME I have been with Austin and Anders is walking by, he always stops and does their buddy handshake...Austin EATS IT UP..He is sooooo happy with Anders so when he asked me if we could get him a special treat, how could I even say no...What a great kid you have.....


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Anonymous said...

You're not the only one that choked up. I am so proud of Anders and the kindness he is showing to Austin. Really impressive!

Grandpa Bud

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