Thursday, February 10, 2011

Newest tricks of Osten

Today I was talking to my friend, Cheryl and told her that I've always wanted to document when kids are doing new and exciting things.  This is the perfect forum for me to "journal" the cool things the kids are doing.

Osten is currently:
  • Nursing about 4-5 times per day--once in the morning, once when I'm at work (Sheri the wonder caregiver delivers at 1pm daily), and then two to three times between 5pm-11pm
  • He is sporting four teeth--two on bottom and two on top
  • He is performing "so big"
  • He is waving his arms frantically when we say "go guy go"
  • He has a mushy face--squishes his eyes closed because he has such a big grin
  • He likes to snuggle between Brad and I when sleeping at night
  • Eating all sorts of yummy and nutritious vegetables including squash, beets, carrots, peas, greenbeans and parsnips and also rice/oat cereals.  Tried corn bread the other night and thought it was DELICIOUS.
  • Loves to play with toys like kick and play, balls, tin pan
  • Loves to holler and make "B, M, G, D, Na" sounds
  • Really enjoys touching different textures--recently fell asleep while caressing a big teddy bear
  • He has a very gentle touch and loves to touch faces--right now loves to dig in noses so if you hold him, you better have a clean nose or it will be cleaned for you in short order
By the way, did I write about how CUTE he is? 

Osten John Olson.  Schmokey Lonesome, Puppy Shoes, diaper boy...

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