Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I look hungry

Being the first born, Anders has accomplished many novel and wonderful things in his life.  Some of the more memorable moments/phrases from Anders:
Anders at Minnesota Children's Museum March 2009

I look hungry--I would say he started this phrase in late 2004-early 2005 when he wanted a little snack
pellows--name for marshmellows.  He was introduced to them at daycare in Rexburg Idaho.  I bought some at the store and they weren't right.  He didn't want the plain white ones, he wanted the multi-colored variety that Norma at Appletree Learning Center gave him. 
Dung coins--phrase for mini chocolate cupcakes--trying to say "that kind"--January 2004
Bew--started asking "where's my bew?"  After many attempts at guessing what a bew was, he pointed his finger and started shooting "bew bew bew".  January 2004
Dos Dos--a complex game where he wanted his playmate to put their foot on a chair, hang their arm and he would swing on playmates arm (thanks Grandma Betty for playing this game with Anders tirelessly).  Took us a while to find what Dos Dos meant, and then when we moved into our little River Falls home, we unpacked our movies and viewed a preview for George of the Jungle before his at that time favorite movie The Lion King.  Anders started singing "Dos Dos Dos Dos Dos Dos Dos" and I had an "AHA" moment.  January 2004-April 2004
Ankie, Ambo, Blocko imaginary friends who played with Anders from November 2004-sometime in 2007.  Ambo often was competitive with Anders and poor Ankie was always the loser in any game they played.  Blocko didn't often compete, but he was there to have a good time.   All three played many hours of Winter 2006 Olympic games--especially speed skating with Apoloantono--Anders name for Apolo Anton Ohno, the legendary speed skater.  Karen also went on many walks with Anders and his friends, competing in several speed skating challenges.
Scooter, Smoochie and Annie Anders', Brad's and Karen's baseball names.  These names were created by Anders one Saturday in early 2005 and shared with me after a day of work in the fabric department of Walmart in Hudson, WI. 
Green, red, white, megatrons songs were created outlining the antics of all these megatrons.  March-October 2006.
Anders is a rock star a power ballad of Anders' creation that was performed at Grandpa Bud's retirement party--summer 2006
Sword and a Sword another Anders ballad.  An object of great affinity to Anders as every plaything became either a sword or a blade for several years.  I believe the song was created in summer 2006.

I will keep updating as I recall these outstanding memories...

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