Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another week older

When Katie was a wee one, I started a mission to photograph her on her one week birthday.  I have adhered to that tradition quite well in the past five years.  There have been a few lapses, but not many.  Here is the latest edition of Katie + one week.  To conserve time, I decided to take a quick photo, not letting her decorate the sign, therefore the dour expression...they can be just as fun as a cheesy smile.

Today, Katie was so excited that it was Groundhog's Day.  It was a large topic of conversation both at dinner last night and at breakfast this morning.  Phil did not see his shadow today, so according to legend, spring will come early.  This is welcome to many people who have been enduring a long cold winter.  Thanks to Mrs. Kaiser and Sheila and the University Preschool for fueling that education fire for Ms. Kathryn Grace!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, what a glum look. But you're right it is just as much fun as the cheesy smile.

Funny that Katie was so excited about Groundhog's Day. Hope Punxsutawney Phil is right!

Grandpa Bud

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