Wednesday, August 22, 2018

southern living

Yesterday, Katie, Osten and I traveled south to Saint James to spend some time with Grandma B. Night one we had dinner with Vance, Kaitie, Kim, Kyle, Liana and Ryan. During our time after dinner, we talked Osten into removing his dangling right front tooth.

Liana was the brave dentist who promised Osten that she would buy him Dairy Queen if she would let her pull his tooth. He reluctantly agreed and she did the operation. He was very frightened and made a lot of noise throughout the procedure and bled a fair amount but he now has a different smile.

We spent the night at Kurt's farm and then came back here for lunch and spent time at the St. James community pool. Fun on the waterslide and swimming for several hours. We all got plenty of sun. Then to the football field to play some football and walk some laps.

Home to Mom's for dinner with Cory, Joan, Trenton, Kyle, Kim, Ryan and Grandma. Now we are enjoying some television and will be heading home to Kurts for sleep again.

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