Wednesday, August 1, 2018

sleep in and day close to the bay

Anders, Katie and I stayed up pretty late this morning watching two movies--Peter Rabbit and I Feel Pretty so all slept in until about 10am or after. woke up for a yummy breakfast and then went for a walk with Brad around the neighborhood, made lunch of sweet corn and tater tots. We then drove to Larrabee State Park where we hiked a trails for just over two hours. Larrabee State Park was the first state park in Washington state. The kids spent a fair amount of time moving boulders and playing Harry was delightful.

Then we came back to our place and had a weiner roast on the beach and watching the sunset. We could easily see Mount Baker so enjoyed the scenery as the sun was setting. We finished up the evening with was magical. 

(we picked up sticks for the weiner roast on our hike)

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