Friday, June 1, 2018


Last night was our school 6th grade graduation and all school picnic. It was also my Grandma B's 113th anniversary of her birth. During last year's picnic, the weather and setting was just as picturesque and perfect as it was last night. My friend, Beth had asked how my Dad was doing a year ago and I responded that things were pretty stable. Beth is an intuitive soul and I believe she had a sense of what was about to happen.

At roughly 2:30am a year ago, brother Kyle called to share that Dad was being airlifted for a second time to Mayo. I started praying and thankfully was able to get back to sleep. The next morning as I was presenting a lesson to one of my grade levels, Mom called to consult me on end of life decisions for Dad. I immediately sought assistance from my school coordinator and shortly after left the school for the school year.

Faith. Community. Trust. Caring. Communication. Family. I am blessed with all of these gifts. Last night, my friend Heidi captured a photo of the incredible sunset I enjoyed at the picnic shortly before departing for home. I believe Dad was using his communication to let me know that all is well and that he is celebrating 113 years with his loving mother.

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