Monday, June 25, 2018

2018 Pierson reunion

The Pierson gathering of 2018 was wet and wild! We got to the shelter in Memorial Park in St. James at 11am. Brad, Katie, Osten and I prepared the tables by washing them and got the counters washed before the delicious food was put upon them.

We dodged the rains until about 2pm when we snuck the traditional photos in and then retreated to the shelter. Many of the people who attended are people who I don't think I can name, so hopefully Mom and Ruby can help me with filling in the blanks.

Nels and Annie Pierson had six children--Beverly, Ruby, Sonny, Vivian, Loie and Butch.

Beverly and Larry had four children--Barb, Debb, Craig and Jody
Ruby and Eldon had four children--Sandy, Shari, Dan and Doug
Sonny and Kayo had five children--Christina, Ericka, Andy, Johanna and Nels
Vivian and Clarence had five children--Kent, Kurt, Kyle, Cory and Karen
Loie and Leo had three children--Tammi, Randy and Trudi
Butch and Marilyn had two children--Missy and Jennifer

Those who were there yesterday--

Barb and two sons--Travis and Kevin--Travis' daughter Chloe--Kevin's wife Dani and children Emerson, Eden and Everett
Craig and wife Binga
Jody and husband Dave

Ruby and children-Sandy, Shari, Dan and Doug
Sandy's husband Rod and their daughter Ashley--husband Dustin and son Henrick Shari's husband Ron and their daughter Kylee, husband Kevin and son Gregory, Dan, Doug and Michelle

Kayo and children--Christina, Ericka, Andy and Nels
Andy's wife, Sheila and sons Lukas and Ryan, Nels' wife Nicole and children Sonja, Mardoche and Nels

Vivian and children--Kent, Kurt, Cory and Karen
Kyle's kids Liana and Ryan, Cory's wife Joan and son Trenton, Karen's husband Brad and children Katie and Osten

Loie and children--Tammi and Randy
Tammi's husband Duane and Randy's wife Kay

Butch and wife Marilyn

What a wonderful gathering and thanks so much to my Mom for making this happen for the past 12 years!

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