Saturday, June 2, 2018

graduations galore

Last night my friend Gretchen hosted the River Falls Senior Class party at the Meyer Middle School. She is not alone. She has worked with a large group of volunteers to transform the Middle School into a fun place to hang out, win prizes and have Seniors enjoy their last day of school together in a safe environment. I volunteered from 11:30-1:00am at a money grab machine and then from 1-4:30am taking down the Senior memory boards and other decorations.

Then home to get a little sleep and I was going to try and head to Woodbury to my friend Trish's childrens grad parties, but I didn't have access to a vehicle with Brad fishing with a friend and Anders needing the car. So I stayed home and hung out with Osten and Katie.

Finally I decided I needed a nap and then we went to a friend's son graduation party here in River Falls. After the party, Osten, Katie, Brad and I attended the new Star Wars movie Solo. It was good, however Osten was disappointed that the dark side wasn't in the movie as much as the rebellion. I enjoyed getting to know

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