Friday, July 1, 2011

i love a parade

Osten enjoying the St. James Railroad Day parade 6.25.11

Auntie Kim holding Osten on her 18th wedding anniversary

He LOVED the bands!

a neat train whistle being tested by Kathryn Grace

champion candy collector, Anders Cole

Our family enjoyed the St. James Railroad Days parade with the Kyle and Kim Blomgren family on their 18th wedding anniversary.  We saw great bands, collected a lot of candy and got to see my friend Tami Berdell and her kids walking in the parade.  We missed Lucas Pierson (my cousin Anders' son) in his wacky band, but did enjoy their music. 
by the way, it was 85 degrees this morning at 4am when I got up to do my 3 mile run...YIKES!

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