Thursday, July 21, 2011


What a wonderful reprieve this morning from the heavy air that has been around town for the past several days.  Went out for a short jog this morning and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful air.  I'm guessing it was about 72 degrees with 50% humidity.  It's currently 75 and it's warmed up just a little bit since then.

When I returned home from my leisurely jog, I discovered a crusty little boy awakening...

 and he manages to have a warm smile for Momma
 and had his sister crawl into his crib to help him transition to the day.

After cleaning crusty nose and eyes, I shared a bowl of oatmeal with freshly picked raspberries from our raspberry bushes...

and then went outside to inspect my Mother's Day gift--a new hydrangea bush.  It's starting to flower!  Please note the volunteer tomato that sprouted and has flowers right behind the hydrangea, but don't pay any attention to all the little clovers also volunteering. 
Oh what a wonderful time of year!

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