Wednesday, July 20, 2011

cool front

Last night as I was journeying north to retrieve Anders and Ryan from their Luther Point camp experience, I drove into Cushing, Wisconsin where the temperature was a oppressive 94 degrees.  Just a mile or so north, I started to feel the air conditioning finally overcoming the intense heat.  I glanced at the navigator/themometer in our van and it read 87 degrees.  Upon entering the grounds of Luther Point (about 10 miles from Cushing) the temperature read 72 degrees.  I was expecting severe weather as I saw tornado spotters out scanning the skies, but did not personally experience anything other than very large raindrops. 

Ryan reported that at their closing campfire, a bolt of lightening hit Wood Lake as they heard a large splash.  The boys had a nice time and didn't think it was too hot.  They enjoyed carpet baseball, soccer, singing, swimming, canteen, meeting new friends, taking a shower outside and their counselors. 

Outdoor worship and camping is such an amazing experience.  I was afraid the hot temps would turn the boys off from this experience, but it all worked out. 

sink the counselor in water olympics July 18, 2011

enjoying the water on 93 degree day July 18, 2011

mud volleyball--one of the boys' favorite activities

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