Thursday, June 2, 2011

growth chart

This morning Osten had his one year appointment with Dr. Campbell.  Kathryn came along to be of assistance as she helped Dr. McNallan place the stethoscope at a prenatal appointment to hear Osten's heartbeat and she thought she should come along to assist Dr. Campbell with whatever was needed.

Katie and Dr. Campbell had matching black polka dotted socks and that was very exciting to Ms. Kathryn.  Osten performed well and with Kathryn's hand holding, tolerated his three shots well.  Kathryn answered questions regarding development:
  • walking around objects (especially attracted to the toilet)
  • crawling well
  • waving bye bye
  • saying Mama and Dada, Anas (for Anders), H (for Hi)
  • starting to sign "more"
  • so big
  • go guy go
  • mushy face
  • drinking from cup
  • pulling self up on objects
  • letting go of objects and balancing
  • eating pretty much anything offered--sometimes loves watermelon, sometimes not
  • fine motor coming along nicely with picking small bits off floor (or off birthday cake)
statistics as far as physical development goes:
  • weight:  22 pounds (between 25-50%)
  • height:  30 inches (50%)
  • head circumference:  47.5cm (75%)
Osten with his sweet cousin Liana on his big day
the weight percentage was a little surprising as he is a great eater and looks like it too, but now that he's motoring around more, he may be slimming down more. 

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